Wrongful Terminations



Have you been wrongfully terminated from your employment? The law protects you against certain kinds of unfair treatment in the workplace. Discrimination based on age, race, color, religion, gender gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, citizenship status, disability, or medical condition are all reognized as unlawful grounds for termination. 


Whether a termination is unlawful depends greatly on the circumstances. Length of time on the job, statements of company policy, the employee handbook, whether you are classified as an employee or an independent contractor, and other factors are all to be considered in answering this question. 

Your employment situation may be different, perhaps in significant ways, than that of other employees who are wrongfully terminated. The criteria for
determining when a termination is wrongful depends greatly on the

See "Don't Sleep on Your Rights." If you have questions about your
particular situation, you should consult a qualified employment lawyer. We are available to answer those questions, and would like to hear from you.