With over 30 years of practice in civil litigation, including employment law and related civil rights, I am familiar with the variety of issues leading to disputes in the employment arena. I have counseled clients on both the employee and management sides of labor and employment disputes. I have litigated and am familiar with nearly all issues that can arise in the employment context. Most of my cases have resolved through settlement.


          I have successfully mediated numerous cases in a diversity of areas for the Alameda County Superior Court and currently as a volunteer for the San Francisco Superior Court as a settlement conference officer. These include employment cases, personal injury cases, property damage, business partnership disputes, insurance claims, and business consumer disputes.  I have served as a judge pro tem with the Alameda County Superior Court and currently serve as a member of four court mediation panels. I continue to resolve disputes to settlement in a variety of areas, and find mediation to be deeply rewarding.
          I have published numerous articles on subjects of employment litigation, including whistleblower - retaliation, case themes in employment law, and practice articles touching on freedom of speech and access to the courts. Before law practice, I taught classes in philosophy and in professional and business ethics at San Jose State University.
          As a mediator, I view my role as a proactive neutral who makes every effort to facilitate communication between the parties, with the intention of helping them reach a mutually acceptable agreement. Having also participated in numerous mediations throughout the course of my practice, I know that conflict resolution is not a simple or a speedy matter -- it can require extensive follow-up efforts in negotiation beyond a single meeting or mediation session. Before a scheduled mediation session, I attempt to discuss the case with all parties in efforts to gain a clear understanding of the issues and the underlying interests in a dispute. I have been able to facilitate settlement in over 90% of the disputes that have I have mediated.
         Should the parties decide to seek a just resolution of the case through mediation, I am eager and available to assist at any stage in the litigation.