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What Is Mediation?


     Mediation is a negotiation between two or more parties facilitated by an agreed upon third party. The purpose of a mediation is to assist the parties in negotiating a settlement and reaching a mutually satisfactory agreement. A mediation is “party-centered,” and all participants in a mediation are encouraged to actively participate in the process in a combined effort to reach an optimal solution.



What Is a Whistleblower?


     Whistleblowing activity has been reported as early as the time of King David. Nathan the Prophet impugned King David for his wrongdoings in taking Uriah’s wife, Bathsheba, after causing Uriah’s death by the sword. Relating the parable of the rich man who took a baby ewe from a poor kinsman to feed a wayfarer, Nathan identifies King David himself as the rich man – taking from the poor and giving to a visitor.



Don't Sleep on Your Rights: Your Rights as an Employee


     Employees at every level hold legal rights, and are protected under the law from wrongful termination in many ways.  If you have at least 4 years of  tenure with your employer, you may have the right not to be terminated without good cause.  You're entitled to be treated fairly, in good faith, and with respect for your civil rights. 



Attention Whistleblowers


          As a responsible employee, you don’t want to stir up trouble in the workplace. You must also know, however, that you have rights protected under the law for reporting unsafe or unlawful activities to your employer or to an agency of the government.




    Everyone loves a good story. And despite the formality of the courtroom, judges and juries are no exception. As lawyers, we often forget that the stock in trade of our profession are the stories of living human beings: their conflicts, their struggles, the triumphs and the tragedies of their lives. As advocates, our work flows directly from the stories of their lives - the inevitable joys and sorrows, the injuries, the wrongs and disputes of life - and our all too human effort to make laws intended to resolve those disputes. As is the case in all other areas of law practice, this is no less true in the practice of employment law.