Whistleblower Retaliation

          People who raise questions about conditions or practices at work that may violate the law are too often fired instead of thanked. For over 30 years, I have been representing employees who were retaliated against for standing up and speaking out about seemingly unlawful conduct in the workplace.
          Employees who question or speak up about workplace practices they believe are unlawful are protected legally against retaliation under California and federal law. This is true whether the issue is raised to a manager, a supervisor, or someone outside the organization, and whether the employee files a formal complaint or merely raises a question. The issue may concern how you or other employees are treated, workplace safety, wages and overtime, or some other violation of a law, a regulation or public policy.
          When might you have a strong legal claim for retaliation for whistleblowing activity? Some of the situations where an employee may have a strong whistleblower – retaliation claim include the following:
          1. You are written up or are fired within weeks or months after raising an issue about something you believe may be unlawful, such as violations of health and safety regulations in the workplace.
          2. Your employer insists you do something you believe is in violation of the law, putting you or your job at risk, you refuse to do so and are punished.


          3. After asking for something to which all employees are entitled, such as overtime pay, breaks, a safe workplace, or the wages you have earned – you are demoted, written up, placed on a personal “improvement plan,” or fired.
          People who speak out take a big personal risk. Whistleblowers are often subjected to harassment, wrongful termination, and other adverse actions. Fortunately the law protects them. We are on your side, and we can help you fight for your rights. 
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