Who We Are

         We are an employment and civil rights law firm that includes the full range of employment related claims: Wrongful Terminations, Whistleblower and Retaliation, Discrimination and Harassment, Wage & Hour, and Defamation.  Our representation includes both labor and management sides. We are also available for the private mediation of disputes both within and beyond the employment arena.


          Your rights are basic and fundamental.  They are your rights -- they belong to you, and we are here to help you protect them.


          In practice since 1992, our success is born of experience, hard work and careful attention to detail.  We love what we do, work hard for our clients, and are proud of over 30 years of successful verdicts and settlements.


          Serving the San Francisco Bay Area, we also take on good cases anywhere statewide in California.

What Makes Us Different

          Are you facing a difficult, even frightening, legal situation? You will need attorneys who are professional, knowledgeable and eager to fight for your rights. Whether in the workplace, in employee relations, or in the arena of civil rights, we take an aggressive approach to the issues affecting your rights, your interests and your livelihood.


       Don't sleep on your rights!  Your legal claim is more than just a case to us -- and you are more than just another client. We view every client as an individual with particular needs. Indeed, we look upon every one of our cases as a cause --every client unique and deserving of the utmost attention and quality of service. This means individualized representation and a result tailored to the client's particular needs. We are passionately dedicated to serving the needs of our clients.


        Even more importantly, we stay in constant touch with all of our clients. We are here to help and to serve you with the very best of advocacy and representation. We know this is why you are seeking our representation, and we intend to treat you with all the dignity and the respect you deserve.