More than just legal advice

In urgent legal matters, professional expertise is not the only thing that counts. Just as important is winding up these matters smoothly and quickly. We provide you with helpful services, including the mediation of employment disputes, in addition to legal advice.


An overview of our services

  • We give you appointments quickly, within a few days.
  • We afford you the time necessary for a full legal consultation.
  • We counsel both employees and employers, both labor and management.
  • We recognize that "civil rights" include your rights, and counsel our clients accordingly.
  • We are available to provide mediation services in employment disputes and in other areas.

Note: The information you provide to us from this
website is confidential. However, no attorney-client relationship shall exist until Samuel Rudolph & Associates and you make a mutual decision to work together and enter into a written agreement stating the specific terms of that attorney-client relationship. While the information you provide to us from this website does not create an attorney client relationship, your information will always remain confidential and privileged. We will not disclose it, and you may not be compelled to disclose your communications with us to anyone.