About Samuel Rudolph


          Samuel Rudolph has over 25 years of practice in civil litigation, predominantly in the areas of employment law and related civil rights. He is an expert in the kinds of issues leading to disputes in the employment arena, and has counseled on both the employee and management sides. He has litigated and is familiar with nearly all issues that can arise in the employment context. Most of his cases have resolved through settlement at mediations throughout the course of his practice.


          Mr. Rudolph has mediated numerous disputes in a variety of areas for the Alameda County Superior Court. He has served as a judge pro tem with the Alameda County Superior Court, and is familiar with the wide variety of issues and disputes that can arise in civil litigation both within and outside of the employment arena. He currently serves as a neutral on three court mediation panels.


          An active member of the State Bar of California and the California Employment Lawyers Association [CELA], Mr.Rudolph's affiliations also include the National Employment Lawyers Association [NELA] and the Alameda County Bar Association.


          Mr. Rudolph has published numerous articles on subjects of employment litigation, including whistleblower - retaliation, themes in employment law, and issues touching on freedom of speech. Previously and before his law practice, he taught classes in professional and business ethics at San Jose State University and Chabot Community College.


          In the mediation context, Samuel Rudolph views his role as a neutral who makes every effort to facilitate communication between the parties, with the intention of helping them reach a mutually acceptable agreement. This is the very definition of mediation, resulting in a win-win situation for all parties. Having participated in numerous mediations throughout the course of his practice, he understands that dispute resolution is not a simple or an easy matter -- it can require extensive follow-up efforts in negotiation beyond a single meeting or mediation session. Before a mediation session begins, he will attempt to discuss the case with all parties in efforts to gain a firm understanding of the issues in dispute. Mediation has a proven track record of success, and Samuel Rudolph has successfully resolved over 90% of the disputes he has mediated.


         Should the parties decide to seek a just resolution of their dispute through mediation, Samuel Rudolph is eager and available to assist at any stage of the litigation. Please call our office if you are interested.