Expertise born from experience

     Our law office understands that when lay people hire an attorney, they often face very stressful situations. These people need the assistance of a professional who cares about them and doesn't simply go through the motions. For that reason, we make sure that our clients not only receive the highest quality of service and representation, but also the individual attention they deserve.

     For many years, Samuel Rudolph has been providing expert legal assistance with an experienced team of specialized attorneys. We have highly-developed litigation skills in a number of areas, and place great value upon quality and professionalism.


Overview: What our legal practice offers

  • We have over two decades of experience in employment law -- and will represent good clients and cases throughout California in both state and federal courts.
  • We will counsel and represent both employees and employers
  • We are available to serve in a neutral role in the mediation of labor and employment disputes.
  • We provide expert advice and representation by well-trained attorneys.
  • We return phone calls within one business day.
  • We provide honest assessments of cases, whether good or bad, with merit or without.
  • We perform all work with the highest level of care and attention to the facts and the details of your case.



    ----    "Samuel Rudolph was always there for me.  Always steadfast and intent on the case, he delivered the goods to my complete satisfaction."


   -----    "A top notch attorney, Mr. Rudolph was able to bring a stressful lawsuit to a happy ending.  I can now move on with my life in happier, healthier and more productive ways."

                                           --Tina Duncan


   -----  " Samuel Rudolph worked tirelessly and successfully in litigating my case involving age and disability discrimination.  I recommend him most highly to anyone facing unfair and illegal treatment in their employment."


                                          -- Luella Warren, RN


    -----  "I was very satisfied with Sam Rudolph's professionalism, his hard work and the outcome of my case.  And I greatly appreciated the manner in which he explained things to me -- the law, the difficulties in the case -- and in calming my nerves."


                                           -- Mark Wallace


My case invoved employment issues regarding the Family Leave Act and Dsability laws. Mr. Rudolph is very professional, knowledgeable, and dedicated to his clients.  He is quick to respond, easily accessible, and very easy to work with.  He has a tremendous grasp for detail, and he worked diligently to reach a positive outcome. He was very well informed, did a great deal of research, and explained everything he would doing. I would recommend him very highly.


                                                -- Donna Lopes




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